Who Is Bastian? Who Is Bearonawalk?
Who Is Bastian? 
Who Is Bearonawalk?
I used to be dreamer as a kid with a big trust in the world and people.

Over time I completely lost that. Working in the corporate world and in a society that shapes you so you fit in, didn't really work for me.

I always had the big questions of who am I, what is the purpose of all of this?

I followed the path that was given by society but gave up on myself and my dreams more and more. 

I was disconnected from myself and the world. I was miserable and working on someone else's dreams in a 9-5 job. What about our dreams though?

Finally pain was big enough and I quit everything to travel the world. Shortly after that I started chasing the freedom lifestyle which I have done now for the past 2 years. 
Travel influencing, Affiliate marketing, Social media marketing. 

I was chasing "The Dream"

Just when I thought I had it all, Relationship, Business & Freedom, everything broke away.

I immediately realized that I still have the same big questions and I finally understood that it had to be within me.

I was absolutely fed up with life happening to me, not knowing where I was going or who I really was.
I was completely lacking in Clarity, Purpose and Vision. More so I started to understand, that I had become a victim of my own thoughts and beliefs.

Limiting beliefs and subconscious behaviors were creating the life I was living and therefore all the struggles with it.

I started researching.

When I say researching, I really mean binge-watching YouTube videos, reading books, blogs and everything else I could find that would potentially help me.

From ancient Yoga philosophies to Gurus to Quantum Physics and everything else that would teach me about the Body, Mind and Soul. A whole new realm opened up in front of me.

I started to write a lot and applying lots of practices I had found during my studies.

Writing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Inner Work have been a big part of my life since. 

The more I learned about these things the more I felt the need to share it.
If it helps me, it helps others.

All this knowledge I gathered as a Traveler, Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Soul-Seeker and Mind-, Body-, Soul-Changer influences and inspires all my Content I share and work I do today.

In form of Posts, Courses, my FREE E-Book (scroll down) and awesome Communities 
I help people all around the world to live better lives, believe and dream again.

Because if you can dream it, you can do it!
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