Because that's exactly what it is when you start working on yourself.
It's the best investment you can make!

I have invested into Mentors, Coaches, Healers and Masterminds many times by now.
My life completely changed once I started taking myself and my dreams seriously.

That is the journey you are really on. You are the Project.

I have been chasing the things outside only to finally understand that everything is inside.

True Freedom And Change Starts within!

And that is exactly where we are going when you start working with me.

No matter what struggles, feelings or emotions we have it always comes back to ourselves.

It's just so hard to figure it out ourselves sometimes.

That is exactly where my Sessions support you .
Together we will get to the roots of what's holding you back and make a change for the better!

My Sessions are designed to give you the knowledge and tools to empower yourself .

Individual | Educating | Empowering
4 Phases
Getting To Know Yourself Better
It's essential to know ourselves. 

Because the better we know ourselves the more awareness we have. 

The more awareness we have, the more power we have.

Together we find out where you are at and we create some clarity for yourself.
What Is 
Holding You Back?
This is the juicy phase. 

It's all about what's blocking you from reaching your goals and dreams.

We'll find out what's there and how to get rid of it.

Thoughts, Words & Beliefs 
Stopping The 
Negative Cycles 
Change can be a challenge.

As soon as we start the process our mind tries to keep us safe.
It tries to keep us away from the unknown.

But now we know better and we are able to step in when it happens.
Better Choices 
Every day matters.
Your choices today will define your tomorrow.
Understanding yourself and everything regarding your mind, body & soul will help you make better choices in the future. 

and therefore change your life.
"If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes"
Why Work With Me?
Because I love to help you!

First I had to help myself though.
In many areas of my live I struggled for a long time.

Weight, Clarity, Vision, Purpose, Fitting in, Depression, Confidence to just name a few.

I always had these big questions like who am I? What am I doing here? 

I always felt like there has to be more to life and if I'd find it I knew I would give 150%. 

It was hard to be in the rat race and do what everyone else was doing
when clearly that wasn't make me happy and even miserable.

The moment I started making decision based on what I really wanted things started to change.

I really had to learn my lessons though. If you haven't checked out my Story yet, 

So why me?

I like to make things simple and I fill in the gap for people to understand better.

I am able to communicate with anyone and I will use the language you understand best.

Because fact is, there is different angles to things and religion, spirituality, science, mind, body are different ways to explain them.

I bring them all together for you in a way you learn and expand your knowledge as well. 

I studied all of these things just to find answers for myself. 
And I did the work.

I share the tools, knowledge and exercises I have gathered with you.

It's about changing your life for good not making you a long term client. 

I want to truly expanding your world and help you find true empowerment. 
“When We Argue For Our Limitations, We Get To Keep Them.” You Choose.
The Packages
I believe that we are all on our unique path.
That is why every Session is designed individually for you and your needs!

More time, more Momentum!
The Baby Bear
4 Sessions over the period of 4 weeks.

We have one month
to cover the basics
and get something
good going!
The Panda Bear
8 Sessions over the period of 8 weeks.

We have 2 months
to cover the 4 phases and build some momentum for you!
The Polar Bear
12 Sessions over the period o 12 weeks.

We have 3 months to work intensively
on your goals and a changes!
The Grizzly Bear
As I said I believe in the uniqueness of you!

Questions? Let's talk about what you need and what suits you best!
"First of all, thank you! Because of you and your advice's I have a new approach to things.

I've already told you that you had a way of reaching me and probably others that no one else has ever had.
You asked me some questions that I would never have asked myself. They made me think so much. Normally I would leave them unanswered. I guess that's the power of working with someone.

Then one day one of the questions was, how would you like to be remembered? ...and I had a block. I thought I had defined myself for some time and instead I realized inside me there are a lot of obstacles built by me.

Then we defined that all that is inside I see outside. Now I'm trying to be more kind, loving, permissive, understanding and patient with myself. I am learning to understand that continuing to be angry with the past does not help me move forward.

Talking to you made me realize that the answers are inside me. I'm studying how to make them come out, My mind is a tornado of thoughts sometimes but thanks to our Sessions I feel more capable of dealing with everything,

I'm well aware of how I feel when I meditate in the morning, and meditating is something I can't live without anymore.

I can proudly tell you that since we had our Sessions so far the level of my anger has dropped by 50%.

I hope my words will make you understand how grateful I am for the time and help you gave me in these sessions."

"I don’t even know how to start this so I’m gonna say thank you! I said this word many times and it’s not enough.
It’s been a year already since the first time you helped me. I remember like it was yesterday.

January is my favorite time of the year because it’s my birthday month but it wasn’t anymore in 2018. I was feeling miserable with the end of my marriage. I didn’t know what to do, what would be my next move... I was lost, really lost. I had dreams but never chased them for real and then, I saw myself building a life around an 8 year relationship. Suddenly everything fell apart and I had no option but start all over again.
And I thank God I found strength again in the kind words of a stranger. I remember having a conversation on messenger with you and just throwing all my problems at you. I was so desperate and living in so much pain that it didn’t occur to me that I was probably bothering you with that. 
You told me one sentence that lit me up again and opened up my eyes to see that I can be and do whatever I want. I realized that I was worthy and I had to change my life in order to make my dreams come true.
It was just the beginning. Every time I was losing focus or doubting about myself, you were there helping me to see clearly and to find purpose again. I didn’t make things easy with resistance, stubbornness and anger but you never gave up on me. You never let me give up as well. So again, thank you!

Thank you for setting me free because I’m healing with your help. It’s not easy! But it’s a process that allows me to reach the real me. I live life now trying to make one person truly happy: MYSELF! Step by step I’m turning into the woman I should’ve been since ever! Learning to love myself more, letting go of toxic feelings and stopping living in the past.

I’m glad it wasn’t too late and I’m glad that it all happened thanks to you. I appreciate you and your help so much Bastian! It’s been quite journey and it’s an honor to have you in my life along my own walk to freedom. 


"I believe each thing in our life happens with a reason and that the coincidences are the signs and messages of the universe, seeing the bigger picture that the one we are able to see in a moment. 

Since our first chat, my inner world started to change with each meeting we had. The sessions with you were incredibly amazing, deep and life-changing, diving to the root of my biggest fears, limiting beliefs and awareness on where I am and where I want to go. 

You helped me to see emotions which are blocking me to step further and the shift is helping me to feel encouraged and engaged to our inner work, myself and my life. 

Your intentions are coming from the right intuitive place from your soul and body and consequently my body and soul feel they can trust you completely. 

I am grateful for the opportunity we had to learn from each other and make the best of it. 

Thank you for making a deep difference in my life!"

"I am so incredibly grateful for the sessions I took with Bastian. 

He was such a great listener, so easy to talk to, and seemed to have an endless supply of knowledge and tools that have helped me immensely. 

He is such a caring genuine person and it definitely shows in his sessions. 

I would recommend him to anyone looking to better their life without hesitation."
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